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Xmas 2006: I start the website

Not much here yet but it's a work in progress. I doubt anyone has seen this as there's nothing for search engines to point you here to... yet, but just in case you stumble in and wonder wha'sap'nin, this is my retirement hobby; All things Oblivion and Morrowind.
Heres hoping you see that age should not prevent you having a hobby that is as much fun as model railways(railroads?)... if not more fun, especially if as a kid you were turned on to medieval castles, wizards and such.
These pages will have my screenshots and comments on my struggles and successes with modding.

The most striking difference between this site and other modder's sites is on being an old fart playing games made for the under 30s group. The reason I'm putting up such a site is for those folks, if there are any others, retired or almost and like me go generation crazy when trying to find information about the game from forums or googling. There's not much here yet but it'll grow a bit as time goes by.

As well of course links to all the useful places and free programs to make modding the ElderScrolls Games, Morrowind and Oblivion, lots of fun and a whole new way to spend your retirement years, an alternative to television.
More coming so if you are interested be sure to remember the weird name add to your favorites and return every month or two.


Jinix the Elder

Want to showcase your favourite screenshots of Oblivion or Morrowind? I'll make a little gallery for you here. want to promote your mod or other content? Send here: jinix90 at

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