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Summer 2007:

I have spent the last few months messing around with modding both Morrowind and Oblivion. Having lots of fun learning a little more every time. I wish there were a way to combine both games. I have learned all about pathnodes, xmarkers, heightmap editing, landscaping, AI packages and getting my NPCs to go where I want them to go and do what I tell them to do.

I have joined a couple of forums for Morrowind and Oblivion and enjoy reading and answering some of the posts, but quite frankly, it seems to take several pages of completely uninteresting graphics and quotes, signatures and warnings, icons and assorted funny faces, along with pointless remarks of one syllable halfwords to wade thru that hide the interesting or useful information.

I'm afraid I am just too far away from this 'new speak' to take part... besides what can I offer that's of interest to younger players? They are mainly into the games for the 'action' part, I am into the games mainly for the exploring part. They want super swords and muscular gals in skimpy tight-fitting armor and I want to know where apples and oranges come from in Oblivion and why are there no fat people and with all the dangers around where are the amputees and wounded?

It's not like I don't like a good fight once in a while. I like to use strategy where wile and cunning can do more than an uber weapon and 200lbs of armor. By doing my own modding I can create the kind of game worlds I want. I've found that making the mod is far more satisfying than playing the original game.

to be continued....

Jinix the Elder

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