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Halloween 2007:
Where do I start?

Never satisfied with the games as presented I jumped at the chance to 'make-my-own'. About five years or more ago when I discovered the construction set partway thru playing Morrowind, I stopped playing and began modding. Loads of fun to walk around in a world of your choosing fighting the type of enemies you enjoy being at odds with. For me thats fighting bandits and highwaymen (or is that highwaypersons nowadays?) and goblins who ambush you.
I also enjoy using bows and arrows and like any sensible bowman would, I want safe cover. With the TESCS landscaping tools and items such as trees, bushes and very big rocks, I can create valleys and gorges that I can populate with enemies and then pick them off with my bow.
Usually in the games your enemies rush you after your first shot and you have to resort to melee (face to face combat) or annoyingly, when you do get a safe spot they seem to be able to get up close to the cliff or rocks and you can't get in a good shot. So I build the cliff/rocks just the right degree that I can see them there. I arm them with bows, arrows and armor equal to mine. Throw in a few bad wizards with firebolts and lightning spells and wands. Create my safespot up in the rocks unreachable by them but with trees etc to dodge behind. Have lots of arrows and healing potions (I like to make my own), and then have a great little battle of the bows.

I've mentioned the fighting part first as it seems to attract more attention, but in reality it was decorating that I enjoyed at the beginning of modding. At first I downloaded all the mods that added 'things' to the world of Morrowind; cups and jars and tapestries, wall screens, furniture, fireplaces and house mods. I took the bits I liked and made them into my world, a world that doesn't have me running off my feet questing for uninteresting NPCs. Then I made a fairly large island, landscaped it with rocks and trees and plants and 'wildlife' and built buildings, castles, dungeons etc.
Then I discovered Gothic II a game from Europe, it had/has superior graphics, excellent AI of NPCs, a good feel to and control of fighting and the voice actors are more varied and convincing. But alas! and to it's shame, there is no construction set so after playing it a few times there is nothing else to do.

Then Oblivion comes out and the first thing I did was to get into the construction kit. I still have never finished the game, altho' I did get as far as closing all the gates to Oblivion and as far as I know the Imperial City was still intact. Then Gothic III came out and I had to spend several months getting thru that. An excellent game but again no construction set so nothing to do but shelve Gothic III and get serious about Oblivion modding.

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Jinix the Elder

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