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Page 05 - Spring 2009:
Hello Fallout 3 the GECK and I get a better computer!

Last October I got Fallout 3. After about a month the Editor, G.E.C.k came out and I dropped the game and had a bash at modding. See here: RivetCity

After another month I had lost interest in the Fallout world and fired up Oblivion CS again and that led me back to my modding.
Then I got a new computer - not a very expensive one Gateway $895us but it had 6gb ram, a Nvidia 9800GT an Intel Quad core Q9300 and the dreaded Vista64.

I immediately dumped everything that was 'forced' on me by Gateway and Microsoft that the computer could run without, such as MSWorks and 3party Adware and Gateway menubars and widgets and all that other crap that ruins my enjoyment of using a computer that they think is so marvelous but is only a ploy to sell me something else, either that or they just added all that crap just to pee me off - at which they succeeded.

Anyway after cleaning up my new toy and making it purr like I wanted it to, I installed my original Oblivion and then my big mod. Everything worked absolutely wonderfully. I never knew that Oblivion had such terrific textures and colors. My system is now at par with the top machines when Oblivion came out over 3 years ago. I have every setting - resolution, distance, shadows etc set on the highest it'll go. Everything just flys along just fine - no crashes because of Vista.

Did run into a weird thing 'tho, I could not access the console mode, nor could I take a screenshot... turns out I had to make some changes to the settings and drivers that Vista uses for remote keyboards and infrared doodabs. Solved that after a week or so of insanity.

Then I got a really good deal on 3dmax version 7. Outdated but I don't think I would notice even if I could afford latest version. It's a huge program and does so much that I still drown whenever I jump in. I also got a lot more familiar with Nifskope.
I found that with a lot of patience I can make a model and get it into Oblivion. More on this as I progress.

I was told (at Microsoft's website) That Morrowind would not run under Vista, well I tried a few things and then Installed Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon and my Morrowind mod and everything works wonderfully and Morrowind has beautiful graphics and textures that make it a whole new world to explore.

Then, a elderscrolls' modder's dream come true... I find out some smart French fellow has figured out how to get Morrowind models into Oblivion. Unfortunately it turns out that this is against what Bethesda allows because of 'I guess' the games involved different agencies and the works are owned by copyright to companies no longer associated with them... anyway whatever... There is a brilliant team that have a MorroBlivion Mod that brings the games together - somewhat.

I was more excited to be able to convert Morrowind models such as the hluaal houses and redoran buildings to my Oblivion mod... more on this later.

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Jinix the Elder

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