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Page 06 - Spring 2010

Another year passes - and at my age they just fly by -

During the last year I have played games such as;

The Witcher Enhanced Edition - All action.
Mount & Blade Horses and fighting while riding - I'll have a go later...
King's Bounty: Armored Princess - lots of fun just like Kings Bounty
Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods by Jowood
Risen Another in the Gothic line - great graphics and gameplay! If the Gothic games worked with the elderscrolls construction set... sigh!
Torchlight Had lots of fun with this one.
Dragon Age: Origins
Silverfall: Earth Awakening

I now buy all my games from here: Direct2Drive - click to see
It's so easy as games are downloadable and other than the download time - no waiting!
I also got Fallout 3 and the Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion from there and Stronghold Legends I like making my own missions/mods with the Editor that comes with it.- Never had any problems occur that I couldn't fix with re-downloading whenever I want a fresh copy on different drives or computers.
So although I keep trying to find something better than modding with Oblivion I guess I'm not going to find it.

What I have been doing is playing with my ever growing Oblivion mod I call Aark Islands. I have been texturing, rebuilding and importing some different models, plus added more NPCs to give it the lived in feel.
The AI scripting allows me to give them different personalities and characteristics, tipping the responsibilities and agressiveness in unexpected directions.
I added the Island of Aajuda with a town called Carlo - I have been influenced by the efforts of mr_siika and Phaerus who made the Jurad City Tileset - Available for download at

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Jinix the Elder

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