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Page 07 - Spring 2012

2 years pass by... - wow that was quick! -

The website was off line from the beginning of the year (2012) until today when I've re-hosted it. I gather from the previous hoster that the bandwidth was high enough to warrant a big fee increase which has led to all kinds of problems and I ended up hosting this website elsewhere.

Well let's see ... During 2011 I spent a lot of time caring for a sick pal. My computer time was reduced but I still had time for working on my Oblivion mod. I'll soon be putting up a gallery or two of screenshots for you to see.

While doing this I also learned a bit more about modifying and making my own 3D models and importing them into Oblivion.

Then, in November I got all excited about Skyrim and fought tooth and nail with it to get it working on my rig.
When I did get it going I was totally aghast at the HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE user interface and menus and the way they have made my mouse completely useless when it comes to moving my character around. Fighting is impossible because the mouse requires umpteen 'scrapes' on the mousepad just to move a few pixels on the screen. By which time I'm dead because I cannot turn around to fight my enemy when he comes from the sides or behind me. By the time I have turned around, taking about 15 scapes of the mouse, the enemy has run circles around me - that's pitiful and ruins any enjoyment I may of otherwise got from playing the game. I'll be telling more about this later.
After checking into it more I discover that the game was especially designed for game consoles like Xbox and joystick and apparently the PC is dead as far as Bethesda Software is concerned.
Oh well, so be it. At my age everything I like is being killed off in pursuit of a bigger buck! I've more to say about Skyrim, but later

However, this disapointment led me back to forums and such and I found out about a Morrowind major upgrade mod that made Morrowind right up to date as far as beautiful graphics go.
This update not only makes Morrowind a whole new experience for me but has brightened up my life considerably. I'll tell more about this thrill later and be posting more screenshots and some videos of my Morrowind mod. I've also made and a lot of new 3D models for the mod.

A few hours after writing this page my 11 year, 24 hour companion and friend died:

Tom - my dear companion I sadly miss you
Tom April 2001 - 17th April 2012
I'm sobbing so much I can't write at the moment....

I'll be updating the site soon.

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Jinix the Elder

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