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Modding by the worlds oldest modder

I put together this website through trial and error. The HTML is pretty basic but everything works for me so I hope it does for you. Screen resolution to 1024x768 or higher. On some browsers some of the pages may not look as I intended. The only fancy stuff is pretty basic too - a few simple javascripts and the use of flash mp3 music in the galleries. Your IE browser may popup it's annoying active x warning, if you haven't already got it you may need to download the FlashPlayer.

I have been modding since Morrowind released the editor that allows almost complete control of the game. With modding (derived from modifying) one can make a completely different game than the developers had intended.
Everything can be 'altered'- modded. The people in the game, their mannerisms and looks, their hairstyles, clothing and armor. As well as weapons, furniture, buildings, weather, trees and landscape. Even dishes and decorations can be made to look any way you want.
This capability makes for the most satisfying and engrossing hobby I have ever come across. Within hours of playing with the editor and making a few simple changes in the game I was hook on modding.

Most modders make mods for others to enjoy. I do it for my own personal hobby. Like the model train enthusiast, I like to show off my hobby, but thousands of my hours since 2002 (when Morrowind was released) are spent alone, roaming happily throughout the worlds that I have not only created but have absolute control over its landscape and weather but also its inhabitant's social life and politics.

Over the past 8 years of modding I have two really large mods. One for Morrowind and one for Oblivion. They are so huge that I forget all the interiors and characters I've created and when I wander my game world I am always presented with things I did years ago and had forgot.

Here on this website I'm collecting screenshots from my modding that are always undergoing changes. Presently I've left my Morrowind mods on hold as I work more with Oblivion. I've been playing around with meshes and textures and coming up with all kinds of new looking things. Many are completely out of character to the 'theme' of the original games, but it allows me to do whatever I want as the mods are for my own personal enjoyment and as my retirement hobby.
I am trying to find a slide show program that works for me.
This one is a javascript and is pretty good but....

Slideshow of Screenshots from my Oblivion mod

I have another 'slideshow' with frames and Flash mp3.
Also made a slideshow with JAlbum Eventually I'll find a way of doing it the way I want.
Using a stylesheet (css) I have got this little popup thingy 'tho:

Nothing like the original game but I like the look.

Yum! Tasty!

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