My Credit Page

Here are credits and links to my various resources

This page is dedicated to the gifted modders, scripters and others whose work I copied/copy and used/use or re-done/ re-doing for my own enjoyment. Thanks for doing it before me and posting the results somewhere for me to learn from. I don't know where most ideas for scripts or items came from, but thanks to whoever made them and passed them along.
Over the years I've put things in my meshes and textures folder and I'm no longer sure who's original work it is. sloppy on my part but then I never thought at the time I was going to put up these pages with screenshots.
I have not distributed anything so as of yet no copyrights have been infringed (I think).
If you see something that you suspect is uncredited from yours or anothers work, let me know by email


Many textures I use I mess around with using Paint.NET to make them seamless, transparant, recolored, resized etc.

A worldspace for the Oblivion game. I have in my mod You can find more about it here. Mehrunes Wake (MooCow Islands)
It is a large group of uninhabited islands set in a warm, sunny, peaceful land waiting for pioneers.
This is a new world created by MootheCow for my enjoyment ( and, of course, everyone else's enjoyment).
I have spent a good part of my summer there with some good friends in a small settlement on Aberry Island.
I stayed at Aberry Cottage with a northern view across the sea to the Great Volcano. I have lots of snapshots to share with you and I'll get them up as soon as I can.

The software I use or have used to help me mod.

Nifskope this program lets me change textures and make some other changes to Oblivion items. But requires a lot more knowhow than I have presently to do much more than change textures. altho' there are 100s of other things I could do should I learn more... give me time.

Here is an excellent paint program called Paint.NET This terrific FREE paint program is perfect for handling textures and one of it's cool features absolutely necessary for the modder is that it will let you open any image and save it in the correct format [.dds]. for texturing Oblivion and Morrowind models and landscape.

DDS converter . This is a really simple to use program to convert a .JPG image to a .DDS image (usable in Oblivion as a texture) not just A file but it does batch changes - more about this excellent FREE program later.

Yikks! someone suggested Blender to make the nifs with - I played with it for about an hour but it requires a devoted effort to get into. I really don't think I need devote such serious study just yet this early in my hobby to mess around with Oblivion/Morrowind mods. But it does look like an awesome program (and free too!)
It's a simpler (and free program) that does a lot of what 3Dmax does that costs over 3 Grand!!!
I have the older 3dmax 7 but I can't get it working on my latest Vista upgrade.