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Jinix the Elder

The website is NOT affiliated with anyone and is here for entertainment purposes - mainly to entertain myself.

Credit goes to Bethesda software and all the legal bodies therein. The real credit belongs to the designers and all the staff that worked on creating Morrowind and Oblivion and making them what they are.
The biggest of all credits must go to the person whose idea it was to release the The Elder Scrolls Construction Sets (TESCS) without which both Morrowind and Oblivion would just be games I used to play.

With TESCS it has been possible to create gameworlds for my own fun and enjoyment.
I liken TESCS to having a paintbox of fun things to create my own paintings with and the games being the canvas on which to see them on.Jinix_the_Elder

The mods I have made or described here are not for download because I have not finished any of them to the point of releasing them yet... in fact I may never as they are far from professional quality... but I'm still plodding along, so who knows?
This website is reflecting my time spent with the games and modding my own worlds. Nothing is in any particular order nor is anything finished.

I like to play these games just to be within the the games environment. These games can be played to be violent, non-violent or a bit of both without having to save the entire world from being destroyed. Both Morrowind and Oblivion give me that choice, sort of... By sort of I mean by supplying, with the games a way to modify them; The Elder Scrolls Construction Set [TESCS]. This is a program with which you can alter everything about the games. Everything from what ground and trees looks like to changing weather patterns and who or what populates the places you create. Character schedules for sleeping, eating, walking etc. Your characters can be friendly and gay or miserable sarcastic sods who fight just because they don't like other people.

Sounds great! Is great! but the downside is that for beginners the construction set is a bitch to use. I constantly fight with it. It does not have the ease of use it could have if they sold it as a standalone product. I would gladly buy a user friendly remake of the construction set were it available.

However, all that aside. I spend many hours having the greatest of fun creating new buildings and places for no other purpose than to load them into the game and wander around in the spaces I have created. My Oblivion mod, Aark Island, has over 160 Characters so far, all have different AI [schedules] scripted to have multiple tasks to do, different places to sleep, eat and travel to and react to the world around them in a 'lifelike' way. By giving them various responsibilities and assorted character attributes, I can run the mod and watch them travel around getting into all kinds of fights with each other and reacting differently to situations.

These characters are my other children and, just like real kids, you never know what they'll get up to next. Great Fun! I highly recommend modding for the physically lazy but mentally cool or computer bound user with nothing better to do or the young gamer training for a future career either as a game developer, graphic designer or 3dmodeller. In fact the effort and concentration that young people put into these games is the same kind of effort and concentration needed for any highly skilled profession. Modding should be taught at schools in grade 6. More on this later.

Now don't go thinking that I am some kind of mod guru. I cannot compare to what most other modders have done. But I enjoy it and that is the whole point of putting up this website, to turn old folks on to a great hobby or career so they too can find the same kind of enjoyment I have. It sure beats growing old on on a couch with a remote at hand and a glazed look on your face.

I'm sure that very few will ever see these pages anyways but the few that 'accidently' google in will wonder where the heck they are... well you are now in my 67 year old head so enjoy the pointlessness of it all.
Why I deem it necessary to give my age I don't know, but I offer the reason as I am in a very tiny minority of old aged gamers who play certain games for no other purpose than to explore the exciting and interesting environments that these games offer. Besides, I can claim 'old age' excuses when I need to such as forgetting to update this site more often or why it took 2 months to answer an email.

Of course, the chances of some old person landing here and being the slightest bit interested in computer games other than slots or solitaire, is so remote that I'm sure it's unlikely. Until someone else lets me know otherwise I shall assume that at 67 years I am the oldest person in the world who plays Morrowind and Oblivion and mods.

Jinix the Elder

Want to showcase your favourite screenshots of Oblivion or Morrowind? I'll make a little gallery for you here. want to promote your mod or other content? Send here: jinix90 at

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