Ned's Tavern

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The front of the tavern. You can see the small sandy area on the left where you can swim if you so desire. On Ned's advice I decided not to. Slaughterfish are able to survive the murky water that also carries much of Balmora sewage.
On the right at the top of the first set of steps is the entrance to the apothecary which can also be entered from inside Ned's Tavern. Ned and Reg are brothers and both work side by side with good business sense.
The steps lead up to the siltstrider landing and on to the Balmora shopping district.
On the extreme right is the corner of the Balmora Council club. A not very friendly place as I found out when I went to rent a room there first. Ned told me that it's a private club for Camonna Tong members only and I was best to stay away from them.
The bridge behind me leads to the Southside Corner Club, another disreputable tavern Ned warns me about. Apparently it is the home of the local thieves guild... I think I shall go there tomorrow.