These are Screenshots from Aajuda early 2010

The main town on the Isle of Aajuda is Carlo

Carlo was founded two hundred years ago and a statue erected to commemorate the great discoverer. 

Attacked and taken by pirates, the town fell to various factions for more than a hundred years.
The dreaded "blackdeath" disease killed off or drove away the populace and the Isle of Aajuba was deserted for many years.

A small group of monks were the first to brave the Isle and moved into the old buildings of the original Order of Carlo.
These monks are known as Carlostics, or simply as the Brothers.

Over the last years others have settled and the different cultures are reflected in the buildings. There are vacant buildings that are falling to ruin but it has not stopped some new arrivees from moving in and repairing. Many roofs have been completely replaced and there is always the sound of hammering and sawing as the new inhabitants repair the old buildings in their own way. Currently there is no organized local government in place.

With an ever increasing population farms are springing up to feed the town.
Aajuda Farms are just over the cliffs from Carlo.

There are several places to buy a cooked meal to eat in or take out.
South Carlo has several clean places to rent to both residents and visitors

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