These Screenies are from Aark Island a WIP


You wake up in a prison cell.
You find a warning note urging you to escape thru a small opening carved behind the food box
the note goes on to say that you have been setup and will be forced into having to save Tamriel...
a place you have never been to before.. Get out before the guards come!

You quickly squeeze through the small opening and find yourself in a strange wet place.
You have two choices, board a ship for Aark Island
or travel through lost tunnels that lead directly into the basement suite in Talos Plaza owned by the writer of the note.
If you go to Talos Plaza you can avoid the Emperor and explore Tamriel without having to save the world. Plus have a nice place to live.

If you take the ship to Aark Island you will arrive on a thriving Island full of happy people, well most are.
There are lots of places to visit and people to meet and it's possible that you may get into an adventure or two.
Aark Island still has a number of wild animals in the woods and forests that dot the Island.
There are underground caverns and caves and a large old mine, now abandoned, except for.... well that's yet to be discovered.

Here are a few screenshots of Aark Island in no particular order.
It's on a new landmass that I literally dragged up inch by inch by hand from the ocean floor.
All objects are hand placed. As I learn how to make models I am placing unique items and using new textures.
So far there are about 50 buildings and 135 NPCs with individual AI.

The largest town Southport is up the hill

Mansion at the Harbour. HQ for the Seaman's Guild

The crossing at Smithtown

Northway Swaybridge

An old building for sale on the edge of Southport

The Harbour Lighthouse

Cloudy Morning

Butterwort Village

Butterwort Inn

A pretty cottage on an ugly day.


A crazy man from Clifftown attacks me!

The Locals jump in to save me

They chase him down as he runs off towards Inlet Inn

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