Aberry Islands is a mod I am making using MooCow's MCIslands Landmass

You can download MooCows landmass here

Page Two

Cottage by Moonlight on Governors Island

Viewpoint on Lookout Hill - Southern end of Governors Island

There are several campsites located around the Islands - each has its own facilities.

The campsites are a welcomed find for any traveller

all the campsites have great views

Each has a stock of dried foods, water and a travel post.

Interior of one of the many homes.

CrabSandy Beach - hundreds of crabs gather here bringing income to the local islanders
Harvested, pickled and shipped throughout the Islands

Crabber's Cottage at CrabSandy Beach

Crabber's Cottage inside

Brers Crossing

Brers Crossing - hotel and tavern on the the right.

Brers Crossing looking East

The Monastry on Aberry Hill

A campsite at the back of the Monastry

The wizard's travel room offers travel to all of the Islands

The wizards cave holds many secrets

The wizards Cave is locked to all

Thick moss grows on the damp walls

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