My Home in Bravil
It was with much anticipation that I purchased the little wooden apartment overlooking the canal in Bravil. I paid 4000 gold to Count Regulus Terentius for it. To have it furnished was more money. On recommendation from the Count (snide little bastard!) I bought the furnishings from Nilawen at the Fair Deal store here in Bravil. I didn't check the furnishings as I was heading off to finish a job out of town. I should have looked first. What a disgrace! The furnishings were skimpy, to say the least... and the bed linens were old and filthy. As Nilawen would not give me a refund (No refunds on used she said) I threw out most of it and with the help of an old carpenter I hired, we re-finished the inside with some used lumber that was discarded from recent renovations at the castle.

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