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Mora Screenshots Balmora style houses and a small riot Updated in July

Carlo, a town on Aajuda Aajuda Isle is my latest endeavor at modding and incorporates re-textured houses and bits and pieces from Morrowind and brought into Oblivion with new textures. Also this has many bits and pieces from other modders works that I shall be listing and giving credit and links to.

Aark Island Aark is a large Island that I 'dragged' up out of the sea and built a town and several villages with 150plus NPCs with schedules. Still working on this...

Escape from Tamriel I like to start from a simple beginning when I play in my own mod. I went to the cell you begin the game in and put a little escape door. Now I can leave before the Emperor comes in and starts the game engine that moves you into having to close Oblivion gates etc.. I have made 3 places to escape to. Aark Islands (the one shown in the screenshots) and Aajuda by ship or escape down a wet tunnel system that eventually leads into a secret area underneath Talos. (Shots coming for this.) You can then explore the world of Tamriel without having to save it from Oblivion. You can still run around doing all the quests except of course the main story line. But thats what I wanted. Let someone else save the bloody world I just wanna lay back and boogie. Now when they say "Have you heard? The Emperor is dead!" its a suprise to you too and puts you under no obligation to get involved. Arriving in Tamriel without money, weapon, lockpicks or advanced skills, makes for an exciting exploration of the land.

Cavegrass Grass in Caves. I read on a forum someone asking how they could make grass grow in a cave in Oblivion.
Well you can't really because caves are interiors and grass only grows in the exterior worlds. Oblivion's engine won't let you mix the two. But I found a work around. Build the cave outside in the exterior and surround it with enlarged boulders. takes some messing around but sort of works as you can walk inside without teleporting and also have grass etc 'grow' thru the floors and 'wave' in the non-existeant breeze. you also have put up with rain and snow and night and day just like the exterior is.

3D Models I retextured and imported a 3d model. I was able to use 3dmax 7, Nifskope, and Paint.NET and mess around with models. More about this later.

The Aberry Islands I found a new world space (MooCow Islands) that a modder had made. It was a beautiful sunny, but empty world of calm seas, blue skies and several islands - vegetation but no inhabitants. I began modding some homes and characters - here are some pics. I also made a teleportation system for moving around the world. (I have yet to make any more complex script that that one , which is really a very simple one.)

My first messing around with the TESCS and Oblivion was this little mod I did in 2006:
My Home in Bravil After buying the place and buying the furniture I was appalled with the sparse furnishings that cost so much. I proceeded to fix it up a bit.I hadn't got into re-texturing so the furnishings are not really different to elsewhere in the game - just placed differently and somewhat out of context. For example using a lowerclass bar as counterspace and storage and covering the mouldy walls. Since then I've learned how to to create textures and can really change the looks of the place.

A Random Slideshow of Assorted Screenshots

My Oblivion Mods

Coming soon!:
Private Rooms in the City: A hideaway with a secret way in and out of the city. The perfect base for a thief character.
Cottage by the Falls: A quiet place to hang out.
Caves of Rathulus: Don't get lost - leave a trail of bread crumbs.... hmm better not, that will lead 'it' straight to you!