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Screenshots and storylines

My first page for Stronghold .

This is the first update to this website for ages. But I have enjoyed playing with Stronghold 2 since it's release.
I chose to get the game based on the fact it had an editor. Quite frankly' I'm not much of a player of any of the games but absolutely love to mod and fool around, especially with graphics. Modding tools allow me to use the game as a 'canvas' to make things look like I like them to look.

When I get around to it I shall add more stuff to this Stronghold 2 area. For now here are screenshots of some Stronghold 2 areas from my mods.Stronghold 2

This is a new part of my website and I just may do a lot more and add some videos to watch and even mods for downloading.. Please keep in mind that I'm a doddering old man, a housebound recluse and of limited intellect, and abilities - what you might call oldfolks home fodder. I should probably be 'put away' and probably will. Comments about modding. - unfinished
To really see about the game you must visit these websites below.


StrongHold at HeavensGames.

StrongHold at fireflyworlds.

My Morrowind Mods

  • Ned's Tavern

  • Coming soon!:
    Ned's Secret in the cellar: unfinished
    D'aarl Plantation Unfinished
    Morrowind version of Aark Islands Done originally before Oblivion came out.